After extensive testimony in the House Business, Labor, Economic, and Workforce Development Committee this afternoon, the HOA transfer fee bill (HB14-1254) passed out of committee, with no amendments, for consideration by the House of Representatives. The HOA transfer feel bill is sponsored by Rep. Labuda (D-Denver) and Senator Balmer (R-Centennial) and received bipartisan support by a unanimous vote of the committee.

The HOA transfer fee bill requires management companies to affirmatively disclose their fees to the associations they manage, including those fees charged when a unit transfers ownership. The bill also requires management companies to disclose remuneration they receive from third parties as a result of their relationships with the associations they manage.

Several Community Associations Institute (CAI) members attended today’s committee hearing to testify in favor of the transfer fee disclosure bill. Those CAI members primarily represented management companies and offered legislators a full picture of the services that management companies provide in exchange for the transfer fees they charge.