Yesterday, the transfer fee bill ("SB 234") was reported without amendments on a 10 to 0 vote out of the House Committee on Local Government to the full House for consideration.  Assuming SB 234 is passed on second and third readings in the House without amendment, it will then be sent to Governor Hickenlooper for consideration.

The good news is the HOA exclusions we outlined in our April 26th blog posting, have remained untouched.  At this point in the legislative process, we do not expect these important exclusions to come under attack.

In other news, the HOA registration clean-up bill ("SB 253") is expected to be formally introduced in the House as early as today.  We expect that SB 253 will be assigned to the House Committee on Local Government and scheduled for hearing early next week.  Since the General Assembly is slated to adjourn for the session on May 11th, we are keeping our fingers crossed that the bill makes it through the legislative process to Governor Hickenlooper’s desk. 

We will continue to keep you updated on these important bills as the 2011 Colorado Legislative Session winds down.