In an election year that could easily be plagued by partisan politics and the introduction of divisive legislation, I’m taking my hat off to Representative Angela Williams for working with school children in her district by introducing House Bill 11-1147 to make the Western Tiger Salamander the state amphibian of Colorado. Not only will her young constituents have an up close and personal view of how a bill becomes law, they will also learn firsthand the importance of civic activism.




Here are some facts about our cuddly friend the Western Tiger Salamander:


● The Tiger Salamander is the only native and documented amphibian to be found in all 64 counties in Colorado


● The Tiger Salamander has a prehistoric presence in Colorado – fossils have been found in the Snowmass Village Ice Excavation


● Three Tiger Salamander subspecies call Colorado home 


● Adult Tiger Salamanders hibernate during the winter


● The estimated lifespan of the Tiger Salamander in the wild is 15 to 20 years


To learn more about the Tiger Salamander and this campaign, check out Colorado For The Tiger Salamander on Facebook.


Oh and by the way – we’ll continue to focus on and keep you updated on important HOA legislation as it is introduced and proceeds through the legislative process. After all, HOAs are our priority!