On Wednesday, the Colorado Division of Real Estate distributed the following communication relating to HOA Registrations: 

“One of the purposes of HOA registration is to provide the Colorado consumers with basic information about HOA’s, including their physical address and contact information for the HOA. It is important to remember that when you register your HOA, you must provide the address for the HOA, even though it is a management company that is overseeing the HOA or that created the registration, the address that needs to be provided is the actual HOA address. You may use a range or a general street address for the HOA. Additionally, please make sure to read the “Attestation” when you are registering the HOA that states you attest under penalty of law that all the information is correct including the address. If the address you had entered does not reflect a physical address for the HOA, please update your registration with the appropriate information. You may update your information by logging in and going back into the profile to update then save it. The website address is: https://www.dora.state.co.us/pls/hoa/HOA.logon If you have further questions or comments please contact Cynthia Aguilar at 303-894-2292.”