House Bill 14-1125 (“HB 1125”), introduced in the House of Representatives by Representative Diane Mitsch Bush (D-Steamboat Springs), has cleared the House with no amendments and was introduced just yesterday in the Senate and assigned to the Senate Local Government Committee. Senator David Balmer (R-Centennial) is the Senate sponsor of the bill. 

As you will recall, HB 1125 permits an association to publish email addresses and telephone numbers of members and residents of the association, if those members or residents first provide written consent to their association to publish this informationOwners and residents may withdraw this written consent, but such withdrawal of consent does not require their association to go back and “change, retrieve or destroy” previously published telephone numbers or email addresses. Also, the bill permits owners and residents to electronically provide or withdraw their consent to their associations.


CAI’s Colorado Legislative Action Committee (“CLAC”) supports HB 1125, because it gives associations the ability to publish meaningful information in membership directories while giving owners and residents in HOAs the ability to protect their private contact information from being published, if they so desire. CLAC expects HB 1125 to proceed through the Senate without hurdles.

Stay tuned for important updates on HB 1125 as it continues to proceed through the legislative process.


Molly Foley-Healy is Chair of CAI’s Colorado Legislative Action Committee.