The 2015 legislative session of the Colorado General Assembly ends today.  In the final few days, the following HOA-related bills were killed in the Senate:

House Bill 1259:  HB 1259 would have prevented HOAs from prohibiting members from installing rain barrels on property they own in their associations.  This bill sailed through the House, but met with controversy in the Senate.  As a result, the bill was laid over until the day after the session is slated to end.  What does that mean?  It means the bill is dead for this session.

House Bill 1362:  HB 1362 would have required that pre-CCIOA communities (HOAs created before July 1, 1992) comply with the budget ratification provision of CCIOA.  This bill made it through the House without problems and died in the Senate Committee on State, Veterans & Military Affairs – commonly referred to as the Senate "kill committee." 

House Bill 1376:  HB 1376 would have expanded the authority of the HOA Information Officer to prepare and post a referral list for HOA mediators and HOA election monitors and to collect related information.  The bill also would have permitted the Division of Real Estate to promulgate rules changing the fee structure to fund the HOA Information Office to a single per-unit annual registration fee, a tiered per-unit annual registration fee or to a single per-association annual registration fee.  HB 1376 made it through the House and was also killed by the Senate Committee on State, Veterans & Military Affairs. 

As a reminder, earlier in the session, SB 91 and SB 177 were killed in the House.  Both of these bills would have destroyed the rights of homeowners to hold builders fully responsible for their defective construction.

With the passage of the manager licensure clean-up bill and these other bills going down, CAI’s Colorado Legislative Action Committee had an extremely successful legislative session.  Well done CLAC!