Yesterday, the Denver Post reported that Senator Lucia Guzman and Representative Cristana Duran are planning to introduce a bill during the 2013 legislative session in Colorado ". . . to incentivize HOAs and other entities to build electric-car-charging stations."  However, the Post also reported that Duran said "We don’t want to mandate their construction."

Since there is little doubt that the demand for charging stations in HOAs will continue to grow, associations should start taking a look at:  (1) how and where charging stations might be constructed; (2) how to provide residents with use of the charging stations; (3) how to handle the costs associated with the stations; and (4) whether there are any safety considerations to take into account. 

In the event the bill offers useful financial incentives for HOAs to construct electric car charging stations, now is a great time to start giving serious consideration to this important trend in green energy.