The Colorado Division of Real Estate has just published FAQs to address questions relating to manager licensure.  The FAQs provide excellent information pertaining to who needs to be licensed, the timeline for the licensure process, steps managers must take to apply for licensure, the credential and testing requirements relating to licensure and other important information. 

When reviewing the FAQs, it is important to remember that the rulemaking process has not yet been completed and the proposed rules referenced in the FAQs are just that – proposed rules and not yet final.  In fact, since the effective date of the manager licensure law is not until January 1, 2015, the Division is not permitted to engage in formal rulemaking until the first of the year.  While the guidance in the FAQs is primarily based upon the law mandating manager licensure, the timeline established by the Division and associated procedures – when you see references to proposed rules, please understand that the information relating to the proposed rules may change when the rules are finalized.

Keep your eye out on this blog for the latest news after the first of the year on the formal rulemaking process and whether legislation is ultimately introduced to clean-up provisions of the manager licensure law.