Yesterday, CBS News 4 ran a segment on the 6:00 pm news addressing the failure of HOAs to produce records to owners as highlighted in the 2011 Annual Report of the HOA Information and Resource Center. While we can always count on news outlets to run a sensationalized “HOA horror story,” the good news is the story they recounted ended with the HOA ultimately doing the right thing by producing records. 

The segment did a nice job of highlighting the fact that House Bill 12-1237 (“HB 1237”) creates a specific list of the records that associations are required to maintain and produce at the request of owners. In addition, the reporter focused upon the fact that HB 1237 eliminates the requirement that owners provide a “proper purpose” prior to records being produced.  To learn more about HB 1237, check out my February 6th blog posting


HB 1237 will be heard in the House Local Government Committee on Monday and we will provide you with an update following the hearing.