Since some HOAs are located in special districts that regulate domestic water or sanitary sewer services, I thought you might be interested in House Bill 13-1186 ("HB 1186") which was introduced in the Colorado House of Representatives yesterday by Representative Edward Vigil

HB 1186 requires a special district that provides domestic water or sanitary sewer services to hold a public meeting before fixing or increasing fees or other charges for its services.  The bill also addresses the notice requirements for these public meetings.  Finally, the bill requires these special districts to record a public disclosure document on all property located within the special district to provide notice of:  (1) the name of the special district; (2) the powers of the special district; (3) information regarding the special district’s service plan or statement of purpose; and (4) a statement of the methods authorized by law for the special district to raise revenue for capital needs and the costs of operations. 

As always, you can rely on us to provide updates on HB 1186 (and other legislation important to HOAs) as it proceeds through the legislative process.