Yesterday, 7 News provided coverage on the Sunrise Application that was submitted last Friday to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (“DORA”) to examine the need to license community association managers. 

Speaking out in support of manager licensure, Chris Pacetti who is the Chair of CAI’s Colorado Legislative Action Committee’s Manager Licensure Task Force, noted that “Anyone can operate as a homeowners’ association manager without any qualifications.” Dee Wolfe, Co-Chair of the Taskforce, stated that, “For most people, their home is their single biggest investment, so it’s doubly important to have a licensed association manager who is held to a higher standard.” 


Lora Sosa, a resident of the McKay Landing HOA in Broomfield told 7 News that, “licensing makes sense.” Ms. Sosa also mentioned that she was aware of an embezzlement that occurred in a management company in 2009. When asked whether manager licensure would prevent embezzlement, Chris Pacetti noted, “It wouldn’t be a guarantee, but hopefully it would cut it down. You wouldn’t be able to get a license if you had a prior conviction of something, so you wouldn’t be able to do it twice.” 


As I noted in my November 4th blog posting, DORA has 120 days to make a determination on whether the licensure of community association managers is necessary. No decision to introduce legislation to license community association managers can be made until DORA publishes its report on the Sunrise Application submitted by CAI’s Colorado Legislative Action Committee.