It’s the most wonderful time of the year . . . at least for political geeks like me! This coming Wednesday (January 11th) the Colorado General Assembly will officially convene for the 2012 legislative session. 


What does the session promise?   Given that we have just entered an election year, political positioning for re-election may well take center stage. Will the Colorado General Assembly mirror the dysfunction of the United States Congress or will legislators put the needs of the citizens of Colorado above partisanship? Will partisan bickering trump constructive dialogue? Only time will tell. . .

What about HOA issues? Will the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies in the sunrise review report slated to come out on March 2nd recommend the regulation of community association managers or management companies? What about the report on HOA complaints from the HOA Information Officer to the Director of the Division of Real Estate? Will this report lead to legislative or regulatory initiatives in 2012? Will the issue of an ombudsman become a priority this session? What about mandatory mediation aimed at resolving HOA/owner disputes? Will any other HOA issues come out of the woodwork based upon anecdotal constituent complaints? There’s no answer to any of these questions yet and only time will tell.


Stay tuned to this blog for all of the latest news and analysis on HOA legislative and regulatory initiatives during the upcoming legislative session. You can count on us to keep you in the loop!