One of the routine questions I receive from boards of HOAs and homeowners, is whether notice is required to be given to owners for regular and special meetings of the board.  While CCIOA requires that meetings of boards be open to owners and provides owners with a right to speak before the board takes formal action on an issue – interestingly CCIOA does not require that owners be provided with notice of regular and special board meetings.  

While CCIOA doesn’t specifically require notice, you should check the Bylaws of your HOA to determine whether the Bylaws require notice of these meetings be provided to owners.   

CCIOA, at C.R.S. 38-33.3-308, does require that agendas for board meetings be made reasonably available for owners or their representatives.  In addition, CCIOA encourages associations to provide notices and agendas for board meetings electronically by posting on a website if available.  In addition, if the email communication is available, associations are required to provide email notice of regular and special meetings to all owners who request email notice and who provide their email address to the association.  For owners who request email notices, notices of special meetings must be given as soon as possible – but at least 24 hours before the special meeting.

Stay tuned for more important information on provisions of CCIOA boards and homeowners need to know about!