Last week in a CCIOA 101 for HOA Boards posting, I talked about the circumstances under which the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”), at C.R.S. 38-33.3-310, requires the use of secret ballots when members are voting in a contested election for directors or on other issues. When counting these secret ballots, here’s what you need to know:


● The ballots should be counted by a neutral 3rd party or a committee of volunteers;


● If a committee of volunteers is utilized, the president of the board (or the individual presiding over the membership meeting) during the meeting shall select owners/members of the HOA to serve on the committee of volunteers. The volunteers cannot be members of the board or a candidate in a contested election for a position on the board. 


When the results of a vote by secret ballot are announced, the results must be reported without referencing the names, addresses or any other identifying information of the owners casting their votes. 


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