Yesterday, Representatives Brianna Titone and Monica Duran introduced House Bill 19-1212, which, if passed, will re-create the community association manager licensure program that is currently set to end in July of this year. The proposed bill includes provisions responsive to comments made throughout the industry since the original advent of community association manager licensing,

The Colorado  Supreme Court held that the non-developer owner of a parking space did not receive an unrestricted title that would allow it to sell the space to a third party non-condominium owner B.B. & C. v. Edelweiss Condominium, 218 P.3rd 310 (Colo. 2009)

The developer built a 21 unit complex that had thirty parking

Recently, community associations received some bad press in the wake of hurricane Katrina. I found this article to be interesting.

The Association eventually bowed to the pressure as shown in this follow-up article.

Restrictive covenants stating that all lots shall be “single-family dwellings,” or other similar language, are fairly commonplace. We recommend seeking legal