I really enjoy checking out the keywords and search queries people submit that lead them to our blog.  Sometimes they are simple – looking up the attorneys or the firm.  Sometimes, I have no idea how that particular search query sent the individual to our site. 

 Today I thought I would give a quick and dirty rundown of some of the more recent searches that have brought people to www.cohoalaw.com.

1. "Homeowner responsibility if foreclosure when no equity is in home."  If your bank forecloses on your home, and you have no equity or are underwater, you may be sued for the deficiency between what the bank gets out of the foreclosure, and what you owed on your note.

2.  "Display of Colorado and US flags."  A common interest community may not prohibit the display of the American flag in accordance with the federal flag code.  It can adopt reasonable restrictions related to the size and location of flagpoles.  The Common Interest Ownership Act does not address whether associations can prohibit the display of the Colorado flag.

3. "Flying lol cat."  Yeah, I can’t help you here.  Wait, maybe I can!

4. "HOA Political sign rules."  Associations cannot prohibit the display of political signs from 45 days before to seven days after an election day.  Associations can limit the size of the signs, to the smaller of 36 by 48 inches, or what is allowed by local ordinance.  Associations can also limit the display to only one per contested political office or ballot issue.

5. "Automatic stay HOA dues."  This is a bankruptcy question.  When a person files for bankruptcy, an "automatic stay" issues, prohibiting creditors from seeking to collect debts incurred before filing for bankruptcy.  Notwithstanding this, a debtor who lives in a homeowners association will still be liable for the dues that should have been paid after the debtor filed his bankruptcy petition.

I hope these quick tidbits help point our readers in the right direction, and thanks for reading!