On August 1, 2007, the Denver Police Department notified Denver City Council members of a scam that has raised some concern among residents in the Denver metropolitan area.  If you recently received a flyer on your door about a sex offender relocating to your neighborhood, please continue reading the following announcement from the Denver Police Department:

Neighborhoodredalert.com has been distributing flyers door-to-door throughout the metro area [ ].  This company uses this type of "marketing" to get people to visit their website and ultimately subscribe to a pay service which lists registered sex offenders in their neighborhood.  Their tactics scare quite a few people – most don’t realize just how many registered sex offenders live in the city (approx. 1300). If your offices receive calls on this flyer please inform your constituents that this is a marketing ploy by this particular company.  The information on Denver registered sex offenders is available for free on the Denvergov.org website. In addition, the Denver Police Website has a link to CBI which provides state-wide sex offender information for free.  The CBI site also allows for a free notification service through e-mail.

We previously discussed sex offenders in this postCommunity associations encountering any issues related to sex offenders should consult with legal counsel.