Unless Congress decides to not oppose S. 1685, all communities (including condominiums, planned communities and co-ops) could be restricted from disallowing HAM radio towers. S. 1685 is proposed legislation that is scheduled for mark-up in the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday, November 18. S. 1685 directs the FCC to adopt rules and regulations that prohibit private land use restrictions (i.e., restrictive covenants) if the restriction: (1) precludes HAM radio communications; (2) fails to reasonably accommodate such communications; or (3) does not constitute the minimum practicable restriction on such communications to accomplish the legitimate purpose of the restrictive covenant.

Apparently the HAM radio activists have already send over 14,000 messages to Congress in support of their hobby. Unless you want HAM radio towers in your community, you should contact your U.S. Senator and ask them to vote down this legislation! You should also encourage all of your neighbors who oppose this legislation to contact their senators too. Without immediate action, we could all be looking at a forest of HAM radio towers in the future, with no way to control them. Act now!