I have to admit, I’m not a fan but was intrigued when I discovered that Porscha Williams from the hit show ‘The Real Housewives’ was hit with a Judgment of nearly $18,000.00 for failing to pay association assessment fees and other charges. Apparently, a garnishment was authorized to attempt to collect the outstanding debt.  http://rollingout.com/tv/reality-tv-tv/porsha-williams-accused-owing-18000-homeowners-association/

In Colorado, a garnishment of association debt can take different forms. The most common are wage garnishments where up to twenty-five percent of a delinquent homeowner’s disposable earnings can be garnished each pay period until a Judgment is paid in full. This is a very effective means of collecting delinquent assessments and fees when a homeowner refuses to cooperate and work out an acceptable payment plan. Unfortunately for most debtors, like Porscha Williams, they may not be aware that a garnishment is a remedy until it is too late.