If you’ve ever flipped through a pop magazine, I’m sure you’ve seen the articles that show pictures of celebrities and how they are “just like us”. While those stories usually depict celebrities going to the grocery store or taking public transportation, I recently read an article in which a former Playboy model allegedly violated her association’s rules by constructing a pink doghouse for her three dogs. For some reason, the pink doghouse did not comply with her Association’s rules and regulations. 

Photo By: RD / Kabik / Retna Digital

While the Playboy model had the option to sell her property and simply move out of the Association, this is not an option for most homeowners. Covenant violations can be very contentious issues and the Board should be aware that emotions can run high and take steps to prevent these issues from escalating. 

Homeowners should be aware of the Rules and Regulations of an Association before they decide to buy a home in the community so they know what to expect after they become new owners. As Molly Foley-Healy points out in her previous blog, Associations need to adopt Rules and Regulations that address the procedures for enforcing covenants and assessing fines for covenant violations.  Associations should also take care to regularly and uniformly enforce their Rules and Regulations to ensure all owners receive the benefit of their written documents.


If your Association makes the time and effort to enforce the Rules and Regulations, you too could some day be the former neighbor of a Playboy model!