Have you just been elected to your community association’s board and you have no idea how to tackle elections, homeowner complaints, and general board decisions? Or maybe you have some idea but you need want a little more guidance?

If so, you are not alone. Community association board members are plucked from all walks of life and have varying skills and knowledge bases. They usually share an interest in promoting their community by applying their skills to their newfound role, but they may need some help along the way.

New board members need not be overwhelmed because there is a wealth of information (often free) available to them from their managers, lawyers, and community association organizations. Don’t be afraid to ask.

The Community Association Institute (CAI), recognized the need to provide community association leaders with the tools they need to effectively run their communities and created the Center for Community Association Volunteers (CCAV). CCAV provides valuable resources to board members and homeowners including, among other things, an online class addressing the basics that is free to members.

Finally, use the internet. For good or bad, community associations seem to be all the rage these days which means there is no shortage of information about them on the internet. When using the internet just be sure to keep in mind that all it takes to publish information these days is a computer and an internet connection–if you have questions about the validity of any information you find be sure to ask your community association professionals. That’s what we’re here for.