If you are like me, election day couldn’t come soon enough.  While I’m truly a political junkie, the negative campaigning became so overwhelming that even I muted the TV during commercials and we quit answering the incessant political calls.  While the negative campaigns were distasteful and the truth became something that was optional, the real truth is that in the United States of America every vote counts and casting your ballot is your opportunity to make your voice heard.

The same is true for HOAs which represent a democratic form of government.  Members of boards of directors are elected by the members of the association, budgets are considered by the membership and other significant issues are addressed at the annual meetings of members.  With annual meeting season upon us, it’s important for every member in an HOA to get informed about issues facing your association, attend the annual meeting and make your voice heard through your vote!  If you cannot attend the annual meeting, provide a proxy to another member you trust to cast your vote.

As the old saying goes, if you don’t participate in the process you forfeit your "complaining" rights . . . or something like that!