As an important reminder, HOA boards and management should remember to renew the registration for your HOAs with the Colorado Division of Real Estate on the HOA Information and Resource Center webpage. Here’s what you need to know to register:


1.      You must renew your registration within one year of the date you initially registered your HOA in 2011. To determine the initial registration date for your association, you can use the Search Associations screen on the webpage. 

2.      The cost of registering your association in 2012 is $43.00 with an additional processing fee which is currently $1.44. 

3.      To register, you should use the online HOA Registration.

4.      While the Division of Real Estate issued a Position Statement that pre-CCIOA communities (HOAs created prior to July 1, 1992) are not required to register, this Position Statement is not binding upon the courts and we believe is an inaccurate interpretation of the law. As a result, we recommend that all associations register to avoid penalties associated with failing to register.

5.      When registering, you will need to have the following information at your fingertips: 

a.       Name of the association;

b.      Name of the association’s designated agent or management company, if any;

c.       Valid physical address and telephone number for both the association and the designated agent or management company, if any;

d.      Name of the common interest community;

e.       Initial date of recording of the declaration;

f.        Reception number or book and page number for the main document that constitutes the declaration;

g.       The type of association (e.g. planned community, condominium); and

h.       The number of units in the association. 

If you would like Winzenburg, Leff, Purvis & Payne (“WLPP”) to renew the registration for your HOA, please contact Allison Grout at:  In addition to the registration and processing fees charged by the Division of Real Estate, the cost associated with WLPP handling the registration is $25.00.