This morning we continue our journey to identify the traits of highly effective HOA directors. While we could go on at length over what makes a director great, this series of blog entries will identify 8 essential traits of these outstanding leaders.

To recap, here’s where we have been on our journey thus far:


Trait #1: It’s all about the HOA and not about their personal agenda.



Trait #2: A highly effective director never attends an association meeting without having the governing documents of the association close at hand and routinely consults the documents for guidance.



Trait #3: A highly effective director asks constructive questions and is an outstanding listener.



Trait #4: A highly effective director never acts as a Lone Ranger.



Trait #5: A highly effective director passionately debates issues in the board room and then supports the ultimate decision of the board. 


This next trait recognizes that members of an association, who are homeowners, have a personal stake in the governance of their communities and a right to observe and appropriately participate in the governance process. 


Trait #6: A highly effective director is committed to governing with transparency. 



A highly effective director understands and embraces the fact that their HOA is made up of members who have a right to observe the governance process and provide input to the board prior to important decisions being made. These directors do not use “working sessions” as an excuse for holding closed meetings. Instead, these highly effective directors provide notice to members of regular board meetings and invite their attendance. These individuals also understand that routinely carrying out the governance of their association via email does not promote the transparent governance of their association and should only be utilized when necessary. A highly effective director understands and complies with the open meeting requirements under the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”) and the right of members to speak to an issue prior to a vote being taken by the board. 



Stay tuned this week for the final 2 traits of highly effective HOA directors!