It’s Friday and I have to admit I thought seriously about taking a day off from blogging on the traits of highly effective HOA directors. And then I thought – quit being so darn lame Molly – HOA directors are the folks who deserve to be given the day off for all of the countless hours they commit to governing their communities!

If you are reading this series of blog entries for the first time on the traits that make a director highly effective in participating in the governance of their homeowners’ association (“HOA”), check out this blog entry to catch-up on the first 4 traits.


Trait #5: A highly effective director passionately debates issues in the board room and then supports the ultimate decision of the board. 


A highly effective director understands that the board room is the place to debate association issues. While these individuals are passionate proponents for their position, they are always constructive in their presentation and never engage in verbal attacks. If the board of directors votes to take a different approach than the position they advocated for, these directors understand that it’s in the best interests of the association to speak with “one voice” and will never cause dissention in the community over the decision. Highly effective directors will support the decision within the community or if they cannot do so – they will say nothing at all.



Have a great weekend everyone and we invite you to keep an eye on our blog for more traits of highly effective directors, updates on HB 1237 and entries on other association issues of interest.