As we continue our journey today in exploring the traits that make a director highly effective in participating in the governance of their homeowners’ association (“HOA”), let’s start by recapping the first two traits we have identified:

Trait #1: It’s all about the HOA and not about their personal agenda.


Trait #2: A highly effective director never attends an association meeting without having the governing documents of the association close at hand and routinely consults the documents for guidance.


I believe the next trait of a highly effective director may well be one of the most important traits in effective governance. This trait requires a director to suspend his/her ego and their own ideas of whether an issue in their HOA is truly a problem and how to best address the problem.


Trait #3: A highly effective director asks constructive questions and is an outstanding listener.



A highly effective director never believes their opinion is the only reasonable opinion and their solution is the only correct solution. Instead, a highly effective director always approaches issues and solutions in an open-minded way. These directors understand the value of soliciting input from others and really listening to what others have to say. Highly effective directors always listen respectfully to others and don’t interrupt them. These directors understand when homeowners feel strongly about an issue and give them an opportunity to express their concerns and even anger. A highly effective director never permits their personal feelings about an individual to interfere with actively listening to that individual and giving their input fair consideration.   



We’ll continue our journey tomorrow in exploring the traits of highly effective HOA directors.