For many folks, Valentine’s Day is traditionally thought of as a day of roses, chocolate, stuffed bears, hugs and kisses. I would like to get a bit off the traditional track of Valentine’s Day and wonder aloud if you are feeling the love in your HOA. So are you?  

As homeowners, residents, board members and managers in HOAs, what does it mean to “feel the love?” Obviously, we are not talking about romantic love. Instead, I believe this means that our thoughts and concerns are actually being heard when we express them. If someone doesn’t agree with our point of view, at the very least we are treated with respect. We reach out to each other to constructively discuss and work through conflict and do not resort to sending nasty grams or lodging personal attacks or threats at meetings. We do not make assumptions. Instead, we do our research first and ask questions before jumping to conclusions and reacting. We tell the truth in a constructive way and do not hurl insults. 


What steps can your HOA, the homeowners and residents take to ensure everyone in your community feels the love? Since a peaceful and harmonious community is so vital to our happiness and even health, I think this question is worth a few moments of reflection.