For those of you who follow our blog, you know that in recent entries I have been compiling a 2012 HOA To Do List for managers and directors of homeowners’ associations (“HOAs”). My first additions to the To Do List addressed planning ahead for annual disclosures and renewing your HOA registration in 2012 with the Colorado Division of Real Estate. While these initial entries were housekeeping items required by Colorado law, this latest addition is much more strategic in nature and is intended to enhance the governance of your communities.

There is no question that a dynamic and well prepared board of directors is pivotal in protecting and enhancing the HOAs they govern. There is also little question that many folks who run for and serve on the boards of their associations have little or no experience serving on the board of a nonprofit corporation. While “on the job” training as a director is one option for getting up to speed, it can also be a difficult trial by fire for new directors and sometimes even for the associations they govern. This can be avoided by planning ahead, identifying and grooming future leaders for board service.

Identifying and grooming future leaders can be accomplished through getting to know members of your HOA, their strengths and interest in becoming involved in the community. This goal be can be carried out by asking for volunteers to serve on committees, task forces and to work on special events. It can also be accomplished through asking members to fill out interest inventories and then to find ways to harness their interests and involve them in the community. Getting folks involved in your community will give them a better sense of how your HOA is governed and the role of volunteer leaders. It will also be a great stepping-stone for board service.