As you probably know by now, the Community Association Manager Licensure Program (“CAM Licensure Program”) in Colorado is currently scheduled to end on the last day of June.  To ensure that the licensure of Community Association Managers continues, House Bill 19-1212 (“HB 1212”) was introduced in the House of Representatives by Representative Brianna Titone and Representative Monica Duran to improve the CAM Licensure Program and extend it through August of 2024.


HB 1212 cleared the House Committee on Transportation & Local Government with amendments and is currently scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, April 17th by the House Finance Committee.  Since the fiscal note on the bill is rather insignificant, HB 1212 should normally sail through the Finance Committee with no issues.  However, some folks have been lobbying members of the Committee to water down this important licensure program by asking this Committee to amend HB 1212 to convert it into a voluntary certification program.


What would that mean?  It would mean that that the investment which management companies and community association managers have already made to be licensed will be lost. It also means that managers will no longer be required to demonstrate through passage of an examination that they have the core competency necessary to effectively manage their communities.  In addition, it means the managers will not be required to participate in continuing education to keep them current on changes in the law impacting HOAs and on the latest industry standards relating to management and governance of HOAs.


We need your help to ensure that HB 1212 is reported out of the House Finance Committee on Wednesday without amendments!  By Wednesday morning, please call and email the members of the House Finance Committee to ask them to pass HB 1212 out of Committee without amendment. Tell them the following:


  • The Community Association Manager Licensure Program has elevated the profession of community association management by ensuring that managers of these communities have demonstrated the basic competencies required to effectively manage HOAs in Colorado;
  • Since a home is typically the largest investment anyone will make in their lives, boards, homeowners and residents of HOAs have a right to expect that the manager of their HOA is competent to manage their community; and
  • The Community Association Manager Licensure Program has been essential in promoting the competent management of HOAs and must be continued to ensure that HOAs are well managed and to protect the investment the citizens of Colorado have made in their homes. 

Members of the House Finance Committee

Representative Leslie Herod,   Chair 303-866-2959


Representative Kerry Tipper 303-866-2939


Representative Susan Beckman 303-866-2953
Representative Adrienne Benavidez 303-866-2964


Representative Shannon Bird 303-866-2843


Representative Rod Bockenfeld 303-866-2912


Representative Matt Gray 303-866-4667


Representative Janice Rich 303-866-3068


Representative Shane Sandridge 303-866-2965


Representative Marc Snyder 303-866-2932


Representative Tom Sullivan 303-866-5510


Thank you for contacting these members of the House Finance Committee and for helping us to ensure that the licensure of Community Association Managers continues!