Spring is in the air and I think it’s time to rethink the look of our home exterior and landscaping for the summer. Lately, I’ve been looking back a bit on my younger years when life was full of adventure and wonder. There’s no better way to recreate that feeling than to go with a retro theme for our house and yard. I’m inspired now and here’s what I’m thinking:

● Paint the house a lovely shade of pea green;

● Use recycled bowling balls as edging for the flower gardens;

● Hit yard sales this weekend and hunt down 6 or so of those “house butterflies” that were so popular in years past (make sure to spray paint them burnt orange, lime and gold before attaching them to the house in strategic locations to give our neighbors maximum enjoyment);

● Find a cute fountain that mimics a little boy peeing in the grass (that would be perfect for the front yard near the culdesac);

● Bury 1/3rd of an old claw foot bathtub in the ground and place a statue of the Virgin Mary in it (some might think that’s sacrilegious – so probably not a good option);

● Find weathered statues of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and place along the edge of the yard near the culdesac for the neighborhood children to enjoy;

● Last, but not least, make sure to find a statue of Bambie to place by the tree in the front yard right next to the mooning garden gnome. 


"You know your neighbors will love me."



While Larry and I may be a bit older than most of our neighbors, I’m certain they will appreciate the carefully considered and executed theme. Who wouldn’t love the wonders of years gone by? Also, I just bet that our yard will become a destination for all of those taking leisurely bike rides in our HOA this summer. Yes, it’s quite a plan and I look forward to getting started!

But wait a minute Molly, you specialize in the practice of HOA law. What is it you always tell homeowners and boards in HOAs? 


● “Taste is all in your mouth. Just because you like something, doesn’t mean your neighbors will.”


● “Before making any significant improvements to the exterior of your home or landscape, always make sure to first check the governing documents of your HOA to determine whether you need approval from your HOA before proceeding with your project. If you are not sure if approval is required, ask the manager or board of your association.”


● “If you do need prior approval, don’t assume your HOA will do nothing if you don’t submit your plans for approval before getting started. Not taking the proper steps to obtain approval can, and will, come back to bite you.”


Okay – so I suspect I will need to submit the plans to our HOA for approval. However, since the plans are so inspired, I’m certain they will agree and give us the big thumbs-up! Surely, my HOA wouldn’t play an April Fools Day joke on me . . . or would they . . .