Football season starts this Friday with College kicking-off (Rams @ Buffs, Friday, August 29, 7:00 PM on FS1, Air Force Falcons vs. Nicholls Colonels Saturday, August 30, 12:00 PM on ESP3), and the AFC Champions, the Denver Broncos, start the regular season the following weekend (vs. Cowboys, Sunday, September 7, 6:30 PM).  

A few last pre-season reminders:

  • Orange and Blue may be the greatest combination of colors, but check with your Association before repainting your home.
  • Broncos Mini Yard Flags must not be placed on the common elements without the permission of the Association.
  • The Officially Licensed Broncos Nation Flag is not actually an American national flag, and thus not a protected patriotic expression under Colorado Law.
  • Same goes with the camouflaged Broncos Flag.
  • Before buying your very own Broncos Bus, check whether it is a prohibited vehicle under the declaration.
  • Enforcement of covenant violations for displays of team colors must be impartial and uniform. That is unless your community’s declaration defines the Seattle Seahawks as a nuisance.