In The Open Forum today in the Denver Post, the following letter was published which gives a fresh perspective on why problems arise in HOAs. 

"RE: "HOA house may get put in order." February 13th news story.

     We agonize about students who can’t read.  What about adults who won’t read?  A large proportion of homeowner complaints would never occur if the homeowner would have read the covenants and rules before he bought his home.  Our governing documents are written in clear language, are extensive, but easily understandable.  Nevertheless, as an experienced HOA manager, I daily confront homeowners (often holding one or more college degrees) who announce, "Well, uh, I thought those ‘papers’ weren’t important."

     Most complaints arise from the homeowner’s failure to understand that he surrenders some of the freedom he’d enjoy in a detached home in exchange for the benefits of a covenant controlled community."

                                                                                                            Steve Susman, Denver

I thought Mr. Susman’s comments were worth passing along, since we rarely see this perspective reported in the media.