I think I’m pretty spoiled.  I only have to deal with bad weather when I choose to.  My garage at home is attached, and my garage at work occupies the lower levels of the building.  Sometimes I forget a jacket on winter days and don’t realize it’s a problem until I have to go outside.

Condominium owners in Florida can soon be just as spoiled as I am.  A new condominium development will offer car elevators and two-to-four car indoor garages that allow owners to park their vehicles on the same floor as their unit – some as high as the sixtieth floor.  Finally, Floridians can spend millions of dollars to avoid the same sort of weather I bask in all summer!

While the building and its concept are certainly extravagant, it’s an exciting sign for those of us who are closely involved in condominium construction and sales.  It certainly shows that money is flowing more easily than in the past few years, if millionaires can move to Florida to avoid northern winters, and buy a dream condominium that allows them to avoid southern summers!