Founded in 1993, the Golden Triangle Association (“GTA”) in Denver is all about neighborhood activism and building community. Members of the GTA include individuals, households, HOAs, businesses and organizations committed to promoting shared values in the Golden Triangle. 

Among many other things, the GTA is involved in community activism on issues relating to zoning and signage codes, traffic and safety issues, liquor licensure and compliance and other challenges facing their collective community. The GTA has also committed to staying informed on legislative issues affecting the HOAs located in the Golden Triangle. 


Winzenburg, Leff, Purvis & Payne (“WLPP”) was honored to meet with members of the GTA last evening to provide them with a mid-session update on what’s happening in the Colorado General Assembly. We would like to thank the GTA for inviting us to play a small part in their overall mission by keeping them informed. 


To learn more about or join the GTA, check out their website.


If you are involved in an HOA or neighborhood association that is making a difference, WLPP would love to share your story. Please email Molly Foley-Healy with information at: