The Side Streets column in the Colorado Gazette today covered the Sunrise Application that has been filed with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies to determine whether the licensure of community association managers in Colorado is necessary. The article highlights the thoughts of veteran association manager Michelle Green who manages the Flying Horse Homeowners Association.

Like many other managers who have taken the initiative to become educated in the complexities of managing HOAs, Ms. Green is concerned that virtually anyone in Colorado can become a community association manager. “Anybody can hang a shingle on a door and call themselves a management company with no previous experience,” Green said. “They’ve got the checkbooks for the associations. They are doing the financials. They should be monitored so associations don’t lose money or get embezzled.”


Bill Vogrin, the author of Side Streets, opines that a more common problem “is simple mismanagement by a rookie that leads to huge legal and financial disputes within an HOA.” 

Vogrin reports that “Green is all for licensing and regulation.”


“It would be beneficial for HOAs and their boards if managers were monitored and licensed,” she said. “Managers are handling thousands of dollars, if not millions. Nail technicians and hair stylists all have licensure. Why should someone managing your homeowners association be any different?”


As I look at the sorry state of my nails and contemplate scheduling an appointment to take care of them, I join Bill Vogrin in thinking – that’s a good question. . .