For several years now, the Aspen Pitkin County Housing Authority ("APCHA") has been a leader in providing educational opportunities for affordable housing and free market HOAs in Aspen and Pitkin County.  It’s my pleasure to teach another seminar for APCHA on June 11th entitled:  CCIOA 101 for HOA Boards, Homeowners and Managers:  Everything You Need to Know About HOA Meetings

If you live in, serve on the board of or manage an HOA, you know that conducting efficient and effective board and membership meetings can sometimes be a challenge.  Did you know that the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”) has provisions which regulate HOA meetings?  This seminar will cover:  (1)  providing notice of board and membership meetings; (2) open meeting requirements; (3) when a board of directors can meet in a closed executive session; (4) the right of homeowners to speak at meetings; (5) when secret ballots are required to be used at membership meetings; (6) how secret ballots must be counted; and (7) effectively using your required Conduct of Meetings Policy.  Also, if time permits, we’ll be happy to answer any other HOA questions you may have!

Date of Seminar:  Thursday, June 11, 2015


Time:  Noon to 1:30 pm


Location:  Aspen City Council Chambers, located at 130 South Galena Street 


For more information and to RSVP for this seminar, please call APCHA at 970-920-5050.  We look forward to seeing you next Thursday!