It’s that time of year when homeowners’ associations in Colorado see complaints about pets begin to escalate.  Whether it’s barking dogs, stray cats, phantom poop or dogs playing in the common areas without a leash – these complaints are problematic but usually not life-threatening. 

To put our challenges with pets into perspective, check out this notice posted in a Florida HOA: 

Alligator Safety Tips

•Don’t bother them and usually they won’t bother you.

•Don’t swim outside posted swimming areas or in waters that might contain large alligators.

•Don’t swim at night.

•Don’t feed alligators. It causes them to lose their natural fear of humans.

•Don’t throw fish scraps into the water or along the shore.

•Don’t allow dogs to swim in areas used by alligators. Many dogs are killed by alligators.

•Don’t kill, harass or attempt to move an alligator.

•Don’t try to make a pet of a gator.

•Don’t play with baby alligators. The mother probably is nearby.

Thanks goes out to Mark Benson for posting this notice in Community Association Ink and for making us realize – there are worse things in the world than dog poop!