Senator Carroll Commited to HOA Czar and Manager Licensure

As the 2013 legislative session is slated to begin on Wednesday, Senator Carroll has gone on record with the Colorado Springs Gazette on her commitment to pass legislation that would create an HOA Czar and to license community association managers.  The bills will be introduced in the House and are expected to receive support in both chambers which are controlled by the Democrats.  

CAI's Colorado Legislative Action Committee ("CLAC") has been working with Senator Carroll and other key legislators on these important issues.  Members of Community Associations Institute ("CAI") should keep an eye on the newsletters and email from their chapters for important updates.  In addition, once these bills (and other HOA legislation) have been introduced, keep your eye on this blog for updates as the bills proceed through the legislative process.

It looks like 2013 is shaping up to be another busy legislative session for HOAs!


Written By:steve On January 7, 2013 3:20 PM

This is most unfortunate. Avenues to deal with rogue HOA leadership already exist. This will simply become another expense HOA's will incur to defend themselves against an overzealous CZAR acting on behalf of legislators looking for a pound of flesh revenge. This bill simply should not pass.

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