SB 100--"Getting To Know You...."

Everyone, except those lucky few who have been vacationing in the tropics for the last several months, knows that SB 100 is now law. Good or bad, or both, SB 100 will require some adjustment to most associations' practices. To understand SB 100, one must understand the relatively short text of the amendments but also how those amendments will affect the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act ("CCIOA" which sounds like "KIOWA"). This sounds more difficult than it is, although some of the ambiguities in the statute will keep life interesting for a little while. Now that the dust has settled regarding the bill, we will try to examine the more relevant parts of SB 100 in an easy to understand format. Please stay tuned to our blog for a multi-part series on "SB 100 for the mere mortal." We reserve the right to change the name of the series at any time...

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