WLPP Welcomes Kim Porter, Wendy Weigler and Myra Lansky!

Winzenburg, Leff, Purvis & Payne is pleased to announce that our good friends and colleagues Kim Porter, Wendy Weigler and Myra Lansky have joined our firm. Kim, Wendy and Myra are accomplished attorneys specializing in the practice of community association law and are outstanding additions to our law practice.

Kim Porter focuses on the transactional side of the practice by representing homeowners’ associations and condominium communities. While this is the mainstay of her legal work, Kim also practices real estate and business law and has experience in bankruptcy, collection, employment and administrative law – all areas that routinely impact community associations. Kim excels at counseling her community association clients on the diverse issues and challenges that associations face on a routine basis. Kim can be reached by phone at 303-863-1870 or via email at kporter@wlpplaw.com.


Wendy Weigler has focused much of her community association practice on litigating, mediating and arbitrating numerous types of covenant enforcement, contract and collection issues for community associations. She has been successful in both state and federal appeals and has several published opinions. In addition to handling disputes for clients, Wendy looks forward to continuing the transactional side of her community association practice with WLPP, handling contract negotiations, document drafting and advising on general business matters. Wendy can be reached by phone at 303-863-1870 or via email at wweigler@wlpplaw.com.



Myra Lansky has limited her practice exclusively to community association law, representing homeowners’ associations and condominium communities. Myra is a fellow of the College of Community Association Lawyers, speaks frequently on community association issues and has regularly contributed to the Rocky Mountain Chapter of CAI’s monthly newsletter – Common Interests. While Myra is scaling back on her law practice, she will remain available to her clients. Myra can be reached via email at mlansky@wlpplaw.com


Please join us in welcoming Kim Porter, Wendy Weigler and Myra Lansky to Winzenburg, Leff, Purvis & Payne! 

Focused on Communities

For over 25 years, the law firm of Winzenburg, Leff, Purvis & Payne, LLP, has represented homeowners associations, townhome owners associations and condominium owner associations throughout the State of Colorado. Because the lawyers in our firm concentrate on community association law, we have addressed most issues confronting common interest communities in Colorado. From small associations to large master planned communities, our clients range in size, complexity, and need. They demand the breadth of expertise obtained from specializing in a single area of law, but most operate within tightly controlled budgets. They demand personal service and exceptional commitment to their needs, yet rely on our objective legal counsel.

Our attorneys are all experienced in various aspects of community association law. These aspects include the transition from developer control to owner control, the interpretation of governing documents, the amendment of governing documents, the creation and adoption of rules and policies, the review of contracts and insurance policies, the collection of assessments and the enforcement of covenants, and the attendance at meetings (with counsel on parliamentary procedure). Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of two major pieces of Colorado legislation that affect Colorado common interest communities - the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA) and the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act - and how they interrelate with association governing documents. Because each of our attorneys practices community association law on a daily basis, our clients can choose which attorney they desire to handle a particular matter.