Molly A. Foley-Healy

Molly A. Foley-Healy is a partner at Winzenburg, Leff, Purvis & Payne, and has been an attorney since 1989. Prior to joining the firm and entering private practice in Colorado, Molly was involved in the community association industry as Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Community Associations Institute. In that capacity, Molly was the chief lobbyist for CAI National and helped legislative action committees around the country craft proactive legislation to further the interests of community associations and the individuals who reside in them, and to address onerous legislation. Molly was also actively involved in governance issues and was the senior executive responsible for working directly with the College of Community Associations Lawyers and assisting the CAI Board of Trustees in transitioning to John Carver’s Policy Governance Model®.

Molly moved to Colorado in 2007 to practice community association law. Molly provides general counsel to community associations including the review and amendment of governing documents; drafting and revising Responsible Governance Policies; reviewing, amending and negotiating contracts; providing legal opinions on maintenance and insurance responsibilities and assisting directors of self-managed communities in understanding and carrying out their fiduciary duties.  Molly is committed to a preventative approach to community association law that focuses on problem-solving and sound governance techniques. 

Molly actively teaches classes to managers and board members on topics ranging from legislative updates to complying with CCIOA to effective governance. Molly served as Chair of CAI’s Colorado Legislative Action Committee for three years and is currently serving as the Legislative Liaison for the Committee. While serving as Chair, Molly authored the Capitol Chronicles column in the Common Interests magazine.  Molly is also a prolific contributor to our blog. 

Molly graduated from Central Michigan University in 1986 earning her B.A.A., with a double major in Political Science and Interpersonal and Public Communications.  Molly graduated from the University of Denver, College of Law in 1989.  Molly is one of less than 150 lawyers admitted to CAI's prestigious College of Community Association Lawyers and is a member of the Colorado and Denver Bar Associations. To contact Molly directly, you may e-mail her at